I woke up early, attempting to push the doors, now snow-covered and blown shut. The wind feels colder today, and the pathways around the cabin are blanketed in snow. We'll have to dig our way out. Thankfully, there are markers in our direction, aiding our orientation. The dogs seem fine, but their excitement isn't as high. It's the fifth day of our journey, and they have no clue about the remaining duration.

I checked Tomi's pawprints; the dog seems content with life. Tomi visited me in a dream—when I held him in my lap (an experience I've yet to encounter in real life), he leaned towards me and in a human-like voice said, "We dogs don't usually do this, but I will," then he hugged me, wrapping his paws around me. It appears Tomi's affection knows no bounds.

Today, we aim to move farther. Kristīne hopes for a snowmobile to break the trail, simplifying our journey. By 11 a.m., no one has arrived, so we depart. The dog team resembles yesterday's; perhaps Tomi can trot alongside. Initially slow, he quickly matches the enthusiasm of the Greenlanders, seemingly more energetic today. We tackle the ascent swiftly and reach a mountain cabin, my intended resting spot from yesterday's plan. The packed snow isn't an obstacle; the dogs forge the path and leap through deeper snow. Now, it's downhill to our next stop at the lakeshore.

After a scenic descent, we arrive at Tarrekaise. I cuddle the dogs and let them rest. That's when I notice the sign, indicating the caretaker has left, allowing only those with reserved accommodations to stay. I meet two departing gentlemen who stayed here. They assure me the steward will return soon. However, something snapped within me, and I no longer wish to linger. The dogs can continue, and the trail from here seems well-packed. I provide the dogs with a quick snack and head into the woods. The next shelter is about 6-7 km away, a manageable distance. We reach Nunjes swiftly, but the shelter lies across the river, accessed via a rope bridge. I anticipate a challenge and decide to proceed past it. About 15 km to Kvikkjokk, where a dangerous bridge awaits, demanding special attention.

Our pace remains steady, and Tomi is back in action, pulling well without overexertion, but contributing his share. This terrain is familiar; it's difficult to gauge if the dogs recognize it. We haven't encountered any snowmobiles, a relief, as changes on this narrow path can be stressful.

Near Kvikkjokk Torve follows its familiar snow-covered path, though my commands differ. We veer slightly until we're back on my chosen route. Up the mountain, and we're home. The Greenlanders quickly settle in their doghouses, but Tomi remains curious about exploring the surroundings. He has indeed conserved some energy.

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